The Yesod Foundation


INSPIRED BY Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi's extraordinary vision, a small group of his friends, supporters, and students in Boulder, Colorado formed a new non-profit Jewish foundation in 1998. Reb Zalman agreed to become its Spiritual Director and suggested a name---the Yesod Foundation (yesod meaning ‘foundation’ and being one of the ten divine qualities on the Kabbalistic “Tree of Life”).

The Yesod Foundation's mission is to bring the deep wisdom of the Jewish tradition to contemporary culture. Yesod works to advance Jewish spirituality, following the example of Reb Zalman, in the following ways: (1.) through the Reb Zalman Legacy Project, which is preserving, developing and disseminating Reb Zalman's life work for our own and future generations and (2.) supporting local, regional, and international programs which continue Reb Zalman's vision. 


    Board of Directors

AARON CLAMAN is the founder of Aero Tech Properties of Boulder, Colorado. He is active in various non-profit organizations that support community youth development and Jewish spirituality, and is also a co-Founder and  former President of the Yesod Foundation.


DAVID FRIEDMAN is the co-founder and chairman of Sandy River Health System, co-founder of the Social Venture Network, former co-chair of the Jewish Funders Network, and co-founder and a former President of the Yesod Foundation.

TIRZAH FIRESTONE is a student of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, the founding rabbi of the first Jewish Renewal congregation of Boulder, Colorado (now called Nevei Kodesh), a  Jungian therapist, author, and Secretary of the Yesod Foundation.

THOMAS D. HAST is the founder and president of Hast & Company, president of Meditators Foundation,  a member of the Board of Trustees of Naropa University, and co-founder and current Vice-President and Treasurer of the Yesod Foundation.

BOBBIE ZELKIND has worked for the Allied Jewish Federation and for Colorado's community mental health system, and for the Mental Health Association of Colorado. She is the current President of the Yesod Foundation.

     Current Officers


Vice-President, THOMAS D. HAST

Treasurer, THOMAS D. HAST


Board member, Rabbi Tirzah Firestone teaching with Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi at a Yesod Foundation event at the Jewish Community Center in Boulder, Colorado.

Ordination of Jalda Rebling in 2007 at the annual international Ohalah Conference in Boulder, Colorado, originally begun with the help of the Yesod Foundation.